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Birmingham has more developing.

Birmingham has more to offer than meets the eye, and we’re here to tell you about it. While we’re still crafting our pages, our mission is crystal clear: to transform the Greater Birmingham Region into a thriving hub of job creation, community development, talent recruitment and a connected region. 

“Birmingham Has More” is more than a slogan – it’s a movement. Spearheaded by the Birmingham Business Alliance, we’re on a mission to shine a spotlight on the hidden gems and impressive progress in the Greater Birmingham Region. As we work tirelessly to build the platform, we invite you to explore the pages, discuss with your community and reflect on why you believe people need to know that Birmingham has more. 

Through our campaign, we’ll showcase the key industries that define Birmingham, from traditional to cutting-edge. Our message extends beyond economic growth, embracing the spirit of community and cultural richness that makes the Greater Birmingham Region home. From good news in the region to good people- we plan to share it all. 

If you share our enthusiasm for propelling this message, we invite you to join the “Birmingham Has More” initiative. Whether you’re a local business, a community leader or an individual with a passion for positive conversations, your involvement matters. Reach out to us to explore collaboration opportunities or access our campaign resources.

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